We offer a range of commercial property services which can be tailored to the particular needs of your company.

As an occupier or as a property investment company the terms of a commercial lease are crucial to you. They affect the utility you derive from the building and are fundamental to its value. The property market is constantly changing locally, regionally and nationally. What was a “given” 6 months ago will not be the case now. Market knowledge is vital for your decision. We have 34 years of direct experience across the sectors in transactions and significant knowledge of representing landlords and tenants in rent reviews and lease renewals based on an “in depth “appreciation of the market.
We bring our comprehensive direct market knowledge to bear on the identification and selection of suitable office space for your company, based on your brief. We will advise you all the way through the process. Don’t take our word for it read our client’s testimonials!
We provide advice on property marketing for sale or letting specialising in the Thames Valley and the south of England.

• Offices
• Business space
• Industrial
• Land
• Development advice
Damian Comerford appears as an Expert Witness in property valuation matters concerning litigation and planning appeals. He was recently appointed as a Joint Single Expert by the Court in a large industrial portfolio in Buckinghamshire.
Damian Comerford is a Chartered Arbitrator, is a panel member of the President of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is appointed to resolve valuation disputes and rent reviews on a range of commercial property. He is regularly appointed by the parties themselves as an arbitrator to resolve property valuation disputes.